The focus area of facilities and precincts works with councils to implement best practice in planning and design for next generation energy systems

The program will specifically work on:

  • Assist councils to embed leading energy technologies, design and management in council buildings and facilities.
  • Support and collaborate to include ecologically sustainable development (ESD) and low carbon precinct Ensuring council buildings
  • Advocacy and collaboration to develop energy-related planning controls, pilots and projects at facility, precinct and regional scale.

It is anticipated that projects under this focus area can reduce emissions by 50,000 to 200,000 tCO2e.

Current projects:

Street lighting (Light Years Ahead)

Since 2014, WSROC has been working closely with councils and Endeavor Energy to replace inefficient street lights to the latest energy-saving LED lights. 

The street light replacement score card:

  • 19,000 lights changed to LEDs across Western Sydney
  • $9.5 million in energy savings to date;
  • 126,538 tonne reduction in emissions (over 20-year life of the lights);
  • WSROC advocacy to Endeavour Energy, the Australian Energy Regulator and the NSW Government has::
    • resulted in reduced maintenance cost for LED street lights in the new regulatory period.
    • Contributed to the public lighting code review which led to a new and mandatory code including minimum service levels for street lighting.
    • informed the NSW Government’s $12 million LED streetlight replacement scheme

Light Years Ahead is a 2017 Green Globe Awards winner.

ESD standards

This project identifies opportunities for establishing Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) standards for council assets. The project assists councils to improve their sustainability performance whilst delivering reduced lifetime costs by delivering:

  • Background paper on ESD policy and tools: Examines available ESD standards and associated requirements and specifications for council buildings
  • Draft ESD policy for council buildings: To guide organisational practices to manage the social, environmental, and financial aspects of council buildings
  • Equipment replacement specifications: Development of equipment replacement specifications, to meet councils' sustainability objectives by minimising energy and water consumption and installing equipment that is durable and of high quality.


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