Illegal dumping is the disposal of any waste that is larger than litter, on land or water, without correct approvals: this includes leaving items on the kerb without contacting your Council.

Most people do the right thing and ensure that unwanted bulky waste items, such as furniture and mattresses, are disposed of responsibly by arranging a collection with their local council. Each year, however, dumped waste costs councils millions of dollars to clean up. Subsequently, illegal dumping is subject to significant fines.

Managing illegal dumping and helping the community to dispose of their waste correctly is a key priority for the NSW Government and Western Sydney Councils.

Illegal dumping in Multi Unit Dwellings (MUDs) presents particular challenges for councils: they are generally densely populated, and are often historically built with insufficient waste storage space or street frontages to facilitate collections.

The 'Moving House?' campaign has been developed to support people who are moving house to responsibly manage waste. It targets residents moving house within western Sydney, with key messaging to address all stages of planning for the moving process. The campaign includes information, common mistakes to avoid when moving and a comprehensive checklist to make moving less stressful and more sustainable.

Campaign resources are distributed across councils and real estate agents in the region.  

'Moving House?' resources, including the Ultimate Moving Checklist, can be downloaded here.


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