While we know most people want to dispose of problematic DIY and hardware waste responsibly, many people do not know how.

Responsible waste management is something everyone needs to know about.

Household problem wastes are potentially harmful household products that require special collection, treatment and processing, and therefore cannot be placed in your bins. NSW householders, however, have convenient collection services to safely dispose of household problem waste, free of charge.


What are Community Recycling Centres?

Penrith CRC web

◼ Community Recycling Centres (CRCs)
are permanent drop-off facilities for common household problem wastes that cannot be collected through your council’s kerbside waste and recycling bins. Operating year-round, the community can drop off household quantities (up to 20L or 20kg) of problem waste, free of charge.

Sorting problem waste items and taking them to a Community Recycling Centre helps improve recycling rates; saves water, energy, and other valuable natural resources; and prevents potentially harmful waste from entering our environment.


◼ The Mobile Community Recycling Service (MCRS) is available to residents of Cumberland City Council, Blacktown City Council and City of Parramatta Council. The service provides an easy, convenient and free way for residents to recycle or safely dispose of household problem waste from their home.


◼ What can I take to a CRC?

The following materials can be taken to a CRC or recycled through the MCRS. These include:

  • Paint (oil and water-based)
  • Gas bottles
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fluoro globes and tubes
  • Household and car batteries
  • Smoke detectors
  • Motor, cooking and other oils
  • Aerosols

Some CRCs may accept other types of waste. Contact your local council to find out if other items are accepted and if any charges apply.

Handle and transport your items carefully. Protect your vehicle by placing items on a protective sheet or tray in the boot to capture any leakages or breakages.


Where to find CRCs across Western Sydney?


◼ Blaxland Community Recycling Centre
28-30 Attunga Road, Blaxland
Phone 02 4780 5000

Opening times:

◽ Mon - Sun 8am - 4:45pm (Closed Christmas Day)

For more information, click here


Katoomba Community Recycling Centre

49-89 Woodlands Road, Katoomba
Phone 02 4780 5000

Opening times:

◽ Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm, Sat 10am - 2pm (Closed Sundays)

For more information,  click here


Hawkesbury Community Recycling Centre

1 The Driftway, South Windsor
Phone 02 4560 4444

Opening times:

◽ Every day 8am - 4pm
* Up to 100L of paint (in 20L containers) is collected at this CRC

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◼ Liverpool Community Recycling Centre

99 Rose Street, Liverpool
Phone 1300 362 170

Opening times:

◽  Mon-Sat 7am - 3pm
* Up to 100L of paint (in 20L containers) is collected at this CRC

For more information, click here


◼ Penrith Community Recycling Centre

Gate 3, 96 Dunheved Circuit, St Marys
Phone 02 4732 7777

Opening times:

◽  Mon-Fri: 8.30am-2pm, Sat: 8am-12pm  (Closed Sundays)
*Up to 100L of paint (in 20L containers) is collected at this CRC

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If you are a resident of Blacktown City Council, City of Parramatta or Cumberland City Council please visit: https://problemwaste.com.au/


For more information on household problem waste and CRCs, visit: www.cleanout.com.au

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