WSROC recognises the importance and benefits of collective procurement projects. Our dedicated Procurement Manager manages all joint supply projects and investigates and implements new opportunities.

Contact the team:

  • Email WSROC's procurement team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To date, the annual expenditure for group procurement projects initiated by WSROC is $31.5m resulting in estimated annual savings to member councils of $2.9m. Councils have also benefited from consolidating tendering activities and reduced costs of undertaking the tendering process including administration and contract management tasks for the procurement projects that have been established by WSROC.

WSROC member councils can take advantage of the following collective sources of procurement:

Please note: WSROC schedules and details of projects are available for authorised WSROC member council personnel only. To access this information please login or register.


All tendering opportunities are advertised via Sydney Morning Herald and online at NSW eTender portal. Any organisation wanting to receive automatic notification of these opportunities should register their company details at NSW eTender.