Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils Ltd (WSROC) will advocate in unified terms on key issues of value to Greater Western Sydney through lobbying and relations with other organisations and by the effective use of:


  • A single unified voice for Western Sydney
  • Common goals and strength of numbers
  • Speaking on behalf of all councils
  • A bipartisan approach
  • Strong, positive and regular communication with the NSW and Commonwealth Government and their agencies
  • The identification and promotion of common themes and issues



WSROC will promote Greater Western Sydney, its people and places by:


  • Promoting the positive aspects of Western Sydney
  • Promoting the brand of Western Sydney
  • Promoting the economic and employment opportunities in Western Sydney
  • Promoting the diversity of the region
  • Being community/people focussed
  • Looking at the opportunities and advantages of the community as a whole



Business improvement

WSROC will, by a clearly defined process through the General Managers Group, seek and examine opportunities for new and refined business opportunities and the sharing of information and services.



Strategic leadership

WSROC will lead on key regional issues by:


  • Ensuring a united and strong voice for Western Sydney
  • Creating and maintaining partnerships with key stakeholders in the region to promote a common cause
  • Dealing with broad regional issues rather than strictly local issues and identifying Western Sydney’s position within broader metro, state and national context.
  • Positioning WSROC as the key 'go to' organization for issues involving Western Sydney
  • Establishing WSROC as key contributor to the development of locally relevant policies at state and national level.




WSROC will seek to inform on issues and develop solutions for the region by:


  • Identifying and commissioning research on key issues for the region
  • Seeking and providing information that offers actions and outcomes
  • Using practical and applied examples
  • Taking a proactive stance in identifying emerging issues for Western Sydney and our councils rather than being reactive
  • Identifying and analysing trends which can impact on the liveability of the region.




WSROC will work with other bodies to achieve outcomes for the region by:


  • Partnering with other levels of government
  • Collaborating with other Regional Organisations of Councils to lobby state and federal governments and agencies
  • Developing other partnerships – e.g. University of Western Sydney (UWS), South West Area Health Service (SWAHS), etc.